The new recommended table format for the newest edition of Warhammer 40K has changed, whilst many players still own a gaming table and/or mat of the 'old' size. Many players now consider cutting, taping or marking their precious mats and/or tables.

Our simple, minimalist solution consists of four neoprene corner pieces which are put in each corner of an existing 6x4 table or mat, after which the inside contours form the new recommended "Strike Force" (60"x44") table size.

This solution provides you with an affordable alternative without making lasting alterations to your gaming mat or table.

Table Resizers (4 pieces): €7,50

A brand-new terrain kit is our 'Forest' type.

Our existing terrain range did not feature a 'forest' type yet, and they have received a valuable role in the new edition of Warhammer 40k.

Next to normal forests, we also offer themed forest kits which have a clear in-game role, whilst maintaining the theme of your gaming table. The individual elements of the forest are removable for easy storage and in-game model placement.

Multiple types of forest will be available for pre-order, including:

Aelven Forest: €14,99

eCronian Forest: €24,99

Industrial Forest: €20,99

(Price per two forests)

The updated kits of our eCronian terrain series provide an even better playing experience with it's two new type of ruins: Intact and damaged.

These new eCronian ruin kits were designed with the same ease of storage in mind as our Frontline Ruins: The fit inside each other and have separate floors!

Together with the new eCronian forest and obelisks, it guarantees a greatly themed and effective wargaming experience!

eCronian Ruin - Blasted (3pcs): €34,99

eCronian Ruin - Intact (3pcs): €34,99

eCronian Gaming Table: €119,99

Another version of our super popular Frontline Ruin kit allows for you to decide if which windows to close and which to open!

With the same clever nesting design, all three ruins can be easily placed inside eachother for easy and efficient storage!

These new Frontline Ruins will also be added to our updated full table sets in this pre-order week!

Frontline Ruins (windowed) - €39,99

(Price per set of four ruins)

We're also offering brand new bundle discounts for a one-click battlefield solution! Pick your favorites and scoop up some nice discounts!

Aelven Empire - €119,99

eCronian Craftsmanship - €119,99

Frontline Factory Zone Alpha - €119,99

Frontline Factory Zone Beta - €119,99

Frontline Factory Zone Omega - €154,99

Frontline Ruins Alpha - €104,99

Frontline Ruins Beta - €104,99

Frontline Ruins Gamma - €149,99

Frontline Ruins Omega - €149,99