Aelven Empire - Full Table

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The Aelven Architecture range offers you many ways to create your fantasy or sci-fi Aelvish look: Will you harness the powers of nature? Or do you have darker purposes?

The Alliance Armoury "Aelven Domain" full table set contains everything you need to populate your battlefield with an Aelven theme, including a nice bundle discount!

De Aelven Domain set contains the following unpainted and unasembled products:

- 2x Aelven Barricades kit

- 2x Aelven Forest kit

- 2x Aelven Altar kit

- 2x Aelven Large Gate kit

- 2x Aelven Small Gate kit

- 2x Aelven Watchtower kit

This full table set is optimised for the minimum Strike Force table size of Warhammer 40.000.