Event Information

Warhammer AoS Worlds - Team Tournament

Welcome back, Generals! The moment you've been waiting for has arrived, so muster your forces, sharpen those talons and polish your swords; you're going to need 'em! The Alliance Open has been granted the privilege of hosting the AoS Worlds Teams Tournament, and we're determined to make it the best one ever seen!

The Alliance Open wargaming event series are the highest quality events in North-West Europe and supports a great variety of events for multiple game-systems for you and your gaming buddies to enjoy. check out our event calendar for all the other upcoming events.

Note: AoS Worlds Team tickets are only purchasable if you are an approved Team Captain.

Looking for info about the AoS Worlds Singles GT? Click here!

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Reaching the venue:

Please use this link to go to the hotel website and find the most accurate up to date travel information to reach the venue. Parking is free for the first 24 hours, or free after staying a night in the hotel.