Sprilo - Single

€ 9,00

€ 8,49

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Good looking, easy to build, Line of Sight blocking AND sustainable!? You're looking at the right kit!

The Alliance Open "Sprilo" kit let's you re-use your empty spray can(s) and convert them into awesome looking terrain!

  • Material: Unpainted MDF
  • Compatible with most spraycans, including Citadel. (See instruction video below)
  • Super easy storage due to its clever design
  • Easy to assemble designs make it accessable to every hobbyist
  • Sprue-less design makes for a quick assembly and less waste

Assembly and painting video

For tips and building and painting this kit, please refer to this video.

The Sprilo Single kit let's you build one Sprilo and is also fully compatible with our Frontline Factory kit. Spray can(s) not included. Model(s) in pictures are for scale purposes only and not included with this product.