Factory Zone Omega - Full Table

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€ 165,00
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Combine 5 of our renowned kits to make the perfect table! With this kit you can fill a full table, with enough line of sight blocking and area terrain for an even playing field for everyone. With this table manoeuvring and careful planning are a must!

This kit consists of 21 pieces of MDF terrain. In this combined kit you will find the following:

Frontline Factory:

  • This kit gives you three bigger line of sight blockers with movable doors to open or close as you see fit. The factory floors will be added to the kit for some extra area terrain, these pieces upgrade the Frontline Factory perfectly.

Frontline Factory Vents:

  • Two vents can be placed anywhere on the table and gives a lot of extra depth to the table.

Frontline Factory Ruins:

  • Four easy to build ruins, easily stackable and perfect as line of sight blockers.

Small Sprilo Set:

  • Our renowned sprilo set adds those extra pieces to complete the table. Two double and one single sprilo, with two walkways, compatible with the factory set gives this table that much more.


  • Two damaged en two intact billboards can be used to further fill up the table in places they are needed. Put on some awesome prints to add your own flavour to the table!

  • Super easy storage due to its clever design
  • Easy to assemble designs make it accessable to every hobbyist
  • Sprue-less design makes for a quick assembly and less waste

Assembly and painting video

For tips and building and painting this kit, please refer to this video.

All pieces are delivered unassembled and unpainted.