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Warhammer AoS Worlds - Teams Tournament

The Age of Sigmar Worlds is coming to the Netherlands, to our grand venue in Amsterdam, Schiphol!

The purchase of this product buys you access to the AoS Worlds Teams Tournament held on June 28th to 30th in Hotel Van der Valk Schiphol in Amsterdam, Schiphol.

Note: AoS Worlds Team tickets are only purchasable if you are an approved Team Captain. If you are interested in joining as a new team, please go to www.aosworlds.com.

This ticket contains the following:

  • Admission to the tournament for all 8 players of the team. If a team wishes to bring reserves and/or a coach, we will offer a separate cheaper ticket that will pay off their lunch for all 3 days, coffee and tea and of course a small contribution to the trophies.
  • Awards for all 8 players, 1 reserve and 1 coach. Awards can always be supplied extra on demand.
  • Luxurious buffet lunch, free coffee and free tea the entire event.
  • Great trophies (not 3D printed), great goodies and prizes and there will most likely be a Warhammer store represented at the event, selling at a discount ánd our own Alliance Armoury products will be for sale as well. This includes dice, tape measures, objective markers etc. etc.
  • Trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place and also Best Painted Army, Best Army on Show (Coolest army), Best Represented (/Dressed) Team and Best Sportsmanship.

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