Alliance Open - Star Wars Legion - May the fourth be with you!

Destroy the shield generators, our buddies are counting on us up there!

Let's get together on international Star Wars day and get as many members of this community together to play board- and wargames!


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How to get there?

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Free parking for the first 24 hours!

Registration List:

Last update: 29-04-2019 - 19:00

  1. Seb Burlage
  2. Rob de Morree
  3. Lorrenzo Piena
  4. Anders Schuyler
  5. Kelvin Ernst
  6. Pasqual Proepper
  7. Daniel Großmann
  8. Finn Peemueller
  9. Frank van Leeuwen
  10. Matthijs de Muinck
  11. Hielke van den Brink
  12. Georg Buscha