Forging the Alliance!

Following a lull in tournament activity in a variety of wargames, a few gamers of the Generals of the West gaming club stood up and rose to the challenge of creating the new standard in Warhammer 40K tournaments. In February 2017 their plans culminated in the 40K Rogue Trader Tournament with the highest quality event the region has seen.

Due to the amazing feedback from the gaming community, steps were immediately taken to set up the two-day 40K Dutch Grand Tournament in a new, even higher quality venue in Amsterdam. The forges burned fierce as the team implemented the community’s feedback, churned out more terrain and strove to push the limits! The Dutch GT was a fact and a great succes, igniting the community’s flames even further!

On April 28th 2018, we’ve forged an even bigger gaming alliance with our allies from The 9th Age - Fantasy Battles and FFG’s X-wing Miniatures Game, to expand our horizons and bring gamers together! This event, over 175 players from three different system will bring their fight to our tables and clash like we’ve never seen before! That’s an increase of over 150%!

We’ve set our sights on even bigger targets and we want to take you along with us, so join the Alliance and stand together at the biggest and fastest growing Wargaming event in the Benelux!

We’ll see you at the frontlines!

- Tabletop Alliance Team


Started from scratch

As most tournaments, at our start in 2016 we ran into the issue of not having enough terrain, and it not being at the quality we wanted. We were determined to organize the highest quality event!

Event success

Our first event had enough traction and sparked the fire for bigger events. Our last event had 175+ players over 3 gaming systems, and we're still growing!

The path forward

As we keep growing, we're taking steps to professionalize your experience even more! A website and webshop as well as more products and services will become available soon!