Frontline Ruins Alpha+Beta - Full table

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Tabletop wargaming in a 9" box!

Combine our renowned kits to make the perfect table! With this kit you can fill a full table, with enough line of sight blocking and area terrain for an even playing field for everyone. With this table manoeuvring and careful planning are a must!

This set contains a multitude of Alliance Armoury kits. In this combined kit you will find the following unassembled and unpainted kits:

- 2x Frontline Ruins - Windowed

- 2x Billboard - Intact

- 2x Billboard - Damaged

- 2x Frontline Vent

- 1x Frontline Forest

This full table set is optimised for the minimum Strike Force table size of Warhammer 40.000.

Assembly and painting video

For tips and building and painting this kit, please refer to this video.