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Want a quick and easy way to fill up your table? Check out these ruins which are as easy to build as they are putting away! These ruins can be used on almost every table and can be painted even before they are put together.


  • 4 ruins with variable dimension:

Big (9" x 9" x 8")

Medium (8,5" x 8,5" x 6")

Medium (8" x 8" x 5")

Small (7,5" x 7,5" x 4")

  • Material: Unpainted MDF

The Alliance Armoury Frontline Factory kits stand for:

  • Super easy storage due to its clever design
  • Easy to assemble designs make it accessable to every hobbyist
  • Sprue-less design makes for a quick assembly and less waste

They are part of the Frontline Factory line and are easily implimented with the Sprilo kits. The following three sets combined will make a full table of Alliance Open Tournament as will be seen on future events!

This is a pre-order. Product will be available from March 1st.

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