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Warhammer 40K - No Surrender

Welcome back, Generals! The moment you've been waiting for has arrived, so muster your forces, sharpen those scything talons and polish your bolters; you're going to need 'em! Let's kick off 9th Edition properly: Together!

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Covid-19 Statement

The Alliance Open does everything in its power to meet and comply to the Dutch national health regulations in regards to hosting events. Please click here for further details.

How to get to the venue

Please refer to this link for travel directions

Free shuttle bus service from Schiphol Airport every 8 minutes.

Free parking for the first 24 hours (Or after staying at least one night in the hotel)

Registration list

Laatste update: 9-9-2020

1. Frank van der Vooren

2. Dennis Aaltink

3. Gorwin Keijzer

4. Ruben Malschaert

5. Ori Bisdom

6. David Beckers

7. Sjon Cornelissen

8. Hugo Honijk

9. Joost Engelhard

10. Richard Helder

11. Floris van Alem

12. Dino Kho

13. Krisztian Vizsy

14. Michiel Gregoire

15. Adrian Willruth

16. Djaya Wassenaar

17. Brian Aleven

18. Jalmar Nijpels

19. Jivan wassenaar

20. Joep Bosman

21. stephane chatel

22. Guus van den Berg

23. Bianca Theunisz

24. Ruud Steenbakkers

25. Bas Riemens

26. Arthur Stam

27. Dominik Bertram

28. Christian Gaillard

29. Leon Romer

30. Barry Ridderhof

31. Bob Maassen

32. Korak Schoone

33. Jort Kassies

34. Mark Westdijk

35. Milos Ridderplaat

36. Yaro Shelomov

37. Adam Jagich

38. Ruben Stapel

39. Joey Tittel

40. Sam Williams

41. Constantin Van houdenhoven

42. Patrick Hollander

43. Kay Peters

44. Sander Buurman

45. Rick Moorman

46. Youri Ommering

47. Rene Spiegels

48. Jeremy van der Mast

49. Richard van Schaik

50. Gerard Malipaard

51. Kyle Thomsen

52. Tim Verbeek

53. Lennard van der Pal

54. Daniel van den Berg

55. Hanjo Seibert

56. Vincent van der Sluis

57. Diego Frans

58. Alfonso Gutierrez Segura

59. Ricardo Barrientos de Reus

60. Brian Lijs

61. Carl Heiberg

62. Clyde Davis

63. Michel Jacobs

64. Erwin Rietberg