Event Information

The Ninth Age - Awaken the Beast

Welcome back, Generals! The moment you've been waiting for has arrived, so muster your forces, sharpen your blades and poison your arrows!

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Covid-19 Statement

The Alliance Open does everything in its power to meet and comply to the Dutch national health regulations in regards to hosting events. Please click here for further details.

How to get to the venue

  • Please refer to this link for travel directions
  • Free shuttle bus service from Schiphol Airport every 8 minutes.
  • Free parking for the first 24 hours (Or after staying at least one night in the hotel)

Registration list

Last update: 9-9-2020

1. Lars Frencken

2. Bart Saes

3. Daniel Scheper

4. Daniel Scheper (2)

5. Julius van Roemburg

6. Nick Kuijsten

7. Rick porsius

8. Sem Jansen

9. Calvin sies

10. Vincent van es

11. Tim lassooij

12. Jasper Posson

13. luuk reurink

14. Edwin de Vries

15. Denny Harsono

16. Reinier Gouverneur

17. Paul Hasselt

18. Jetro Dam

19. R. Burger

20. Hessel Idema

21. Erik Beurskens

22. Joost Mooring

23. Koen Smeele

24. Stijn de Vos

25. Daniel Alferink

26. Roel Alferink



29. Rick Saes

30. Mike van der Meulen

31. Rik De meij

32. Gijs Verhagen

33. Teun Verhagen

34. Fernando de la Hucha Arce

35. Robin Morent

36. Jeroen Hoogduin

37. Jan Van Der Steen

38. Bob Pierik

39. Arne Bijlard

40. Hadrien Janne

41. Maximilien Cantiniaux

42. Bastien Yilmaz

43. Stefan Hemker

44. Lowie DJ

45. Jonathan Yilmaz

46. Jan Willem Veenhof

47. Sebastiaan Knetsch

48. Jaldert Boersma

49. Mick Boe

50. Niek Hinsenveld

51. Sander Van den Nieuwendijk

52. Niek Jacobs

53. Francesco Guidi

54. Jelle van Alewijk

55. Rik Breuking