Alliance Open - Middle Earth SBG - Grand Tournament

"Conquest of the Netherforge"

Expanding our great event quality into different gamingsystems is one of our top priorities, as we want more players to join the Alliance and get in on all the excitement! This will be the second time we're hosting a Middle Earth SBG tournament, and we've made sure we got some LotR TO veterans to join our ranks and make sure everythings up to par!

Join us in the conquest of the Netherforge and decide who can claim the Netherforge as rightfully theirs!

Rulespack of the event:

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How to get there?

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Free parking for the first 24 hours.

Registration List:

Last update: 12-11-2019, 19:00

  1. Dimitri Tanghe
  2. Michael van Bijlen
  3. Larry Snellink
  4. Thijs de Jong
  5. Stefan Bakker
  6. Ronny Kost
  7. Jorrit Vriend
  8. Wesley van der Velden
  9. Dirk Helmes
  10. Mitchell van Gent
  11. Chris Baris
  12. Vincent van den Berg
  13. Jeroen Pieksma.
  14. Wouter Vink
  15. Björn Scherzinger
  16. David Schwarz
  17. Pascal Wibbe
  18. Robin Pronk
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  21. .
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