It's with sadness but with our best intentions that we inform you of the following:

The upcoming events at the end of April will be cancelled due to the rapid developments in Europe and the Dutch government prohibited any event or social gathering with 100 persons or more. The same decision is taken for the WTC 40K Training event on March 28th + 29th.

Our guests' safety and well being is our highest priority, which means that next to the Covid-19 risks, the travel restrictions weigh in on this decision. Travellers from outside of the country (78% for T9A WTC and 37% for W40K) could face restrictions returning home, which incur additional costs and complications for them.
Logically, the Tabletop Alliance and TGPlay teams have been working hard on the preparations of the event, so we can honestly say that this is quite the blow.

Because of the circumstances, you are eligible for a 100% refund, but if you're so inclined to ask for less than a 100% refund, we very much appreciate it as it will help cover some of the expenses that were already made.

Alternatively, we can provide the following alternative solutions:

- W40K - Allied Annihilation - Ticketholders have the option to convert to - currently not yet available - November ITC Super Major 40K GT ticket(s)

- T9A WTC - Will be *moved to September 26th and 27th* - Ticket is exchanged to this event for free.
(Further details are included in the email sent to all ticketholders, so if you are participating but didn't buy the ticket, please refer to the person who did.)
New room forms for September will be sent as soon as possible.

- Hotelrooms at the venue can be cancelled without additional fees until March 22nd, so please act accordingly.

Lastly, we'll say: Onwards and upwards! Stay safe and take care of the people around you. We are getting ready to launch more tickets for upcoming events in the last quarter of the year in which we hope the situation is further under control. We will keep providing you with safe and high quality events!

Thank you all for your understanding and take care! Keep your eye on this space for some big announcements for later in the year, where we expect the situation to be better under control.

Please reach out to us at if you have questions.

Stay safe,

-The Alliance Open team