Alliance Open - Age of Sigmar - Grand Tournament

Muster your forces, sharpen your blades and poison your arrows! Who will be victorious in this Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Grand tournament

Make sure you get your tickets quick and participate in this great annual event in the heart of the lowlands!

The ticket includes:
- Event access and a spot for in the two-day tournament
- Full warm and cold buffet lunch for the tournament day
- Unlimited coffee, tea and a bottle of water
- Goodie

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How to get to the venue

  • Please refer to this link for car and public transportation instructions
  • Free shuttle bus service from Schiphol Airport every 8 minutes.
  • Free parking for the first 24 hours (Or after stay)
  1. Registration list

    Last update: 05-02-2020 02:00

    1. Joep Bosman
    2. Mitchell de Boer
    3. Bas van den Hurk
    4. Stephan ten Brink
    5. Jochem Warmerhoven
    6. Douwe Klomp
    7. Nico van den Hoek
    8. Jan van Geldrop
    9. Teun Bugera
    10. Dennis Profijt
    11. Rick Moes
    12. Dennis Bouwmeester
    13. Peer Scholten
    14. Olaf Kleyburg
    15. Tom Sterrenburg
    16. Nard Vliegenthart
    17. Benjamin van Ojik
    18. Neil Mckenzie
    19. Pascal Vreeburg
    20. Paul Proisy
    21. Dennis Hulshof
    22. Rutger Jeroen Poppe
    23. Benjamin Savva

    24. Owen Jackson

    25. Marc Wilson

    26. Sebastian Del Monte

    27. Sebastian Del Monte

    28. Marijn van Hees

    29. Mike van den Ham

    30. Agnes de Vette

    31. Paul van der Weijden

    32. Jurjan Bruggink

    33. Peter Zuidgeest

      34. Wendy van Veenendaal

      35. Yvar van Mourik

      36. Tom Megens

      37. Daan Bakker

      38. Gijs Verbruggen

      39. Philipp Kartaev


      41. Maxim van Soelen
      42. Teun Bugera