Event Information

Age of Sigmar - Bugman's Best

The Alliance Open wargaming event series are the highest quality events in North-West Europe and supports a great variety of events for multiple game-systems, for you and your gaming buddies to enjoy. check out our event calendar for all the other upcoming events.

Covid-19 Statement

The Alliance Open does everything in its power to meet and comply to the Dutch national health regulations in regards to hosting events. Please click here for further details.

How to get to the venue

  • Free parking at the venue
  • Bus connections from Woerden and Utrecht Station

Registration list

Last update: 15-06-2021

1. Fabian van Leijenhorst

2. Jonne de Bruijn

3. Michel Jacobs

4. Tim Esteie

5. Agnes Feher

6. Douwe Klomp

7. Paul van der Weijden

8. Paul Proisy

9. Joris Kragten

10. Mickeal Vring

11. Bennie Smit

12. Jan van Geldrop

13. Olaf Kleyburg

14. Terry van Leeuwen

15. Jordy Belgraver

16. Cristian Domburg

17. Nicky Boerboom

18. Arne van Leeuwen

19. Maxim van Soelen

20. Dennis Profijt

21. Jeffrey Nijhoff

22. Bram Cillessen

23. Huub van de Ven

24. Giovanni Woltinge

25. Thomas Matuszewksi

26. Rob Hoefnagels

27. Mitchell de Boer

28. Yvar van Mourik

29. Teun Bugera

30. Kay Peters

31. Rick Moorman

32. Lex Decrauw

33. Chico van Lith

34. Nard Vliegenthart